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Proof of Work
Price to Energy Index

$66570 558 Ehs
$0.0008 23 Khs

Explore the Global Ecosystem of Blockchain Nodes

The Melanin Network provides an interactive global map showcasing locations of Bitcoin and Whive Blockchain Nodes worldwide. It integrates features from the broader Melanin ecosystem, such as Melanin Click, Solar, and Energy, making it a central hub for understanding and navigating the growing network of Nodes distributed globally.

Blockchain Infrastructure

See Global Node Distribution for Bitcoin & Whive Blockchain Networks :

Key Features

  • Interactive Global Node Map:

The Network links visually appealing and interactive map of PoW nodes for Bitcoin & Whive Blockchains worldwide.

  • Solution Integration:

The Network includes brief descriptions and links to other Melanin ecosystem solutions like Melanin Solar.

  • User-Friendly Design:

The network is designed for ease of navigation, helping  users understand the network’s scale and scope.

  • Resource Hub:

Users are given quick access to various resources creating a one-stop shop for information.

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